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10 years, 2000+ Companies, and 300 of the most recognized experts have uncovered the first statistics behind which corporate innovation structures work.

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Innovators Equation has studied thousands of corporations to find what repeat innovators have in common. Our tools leverage this data to help companies build evidence-based Innovation Management Systems and to enable human progress.

  • 2,000 + top organizations studied
  • 300 + Global Innovation Experts Contributed
  • 27 innovation management approaches discovered
  • Backtested at 50+ of the world's largest corporations

Services & Tools

Corporate Innovation Assessment

We built this evidence-based assessment to give companies a view of their probability of innovating on a repeated basis. In addition to this probability score, the assessment also gives a view of your company's gaps and strengths and how this is translating to your market performance.


World Database of Innovation beta

See our living breathing study of the world's 2000 largest companies and the Innovation Management approaches that our stats say are working.


My Innovation Map

After you take the assessment above, our system produces an intuitive map of your entire Innovation Management System where you can see the gaps and strengths. A powerful tool for planning and communicating with company leadership.


Education & Certifications

We put our research behind a curriculum for Innovation Management. We hold private certification courses, a Masters program, and custom courses.


Wall Street Data

Our data and evaluation method helps market analysts and fund managers understand the real evidence behind a company's "innovation premium".


Personalized Help

Need personal guidance or help building your entire Innovation Management approach? Access our cadre of certified consultants. This team has a depth of experience as Chief Innovation Officers and is trained to use our tools and help you find the Innovation System that will work for your company.


iEQ in the Media

We share our research and insights with the public through Harvard Business Review, Innovation Management Magazine, BusinessWeek, and Fast Company.


Our partners are certified practitioners of iEQs tools and can give you the personal touch needed to build a custom Innovation Management System. We will help you put together a team of these and other innovation management experts to match your needs, your budget, your culture, and most importantly your innovation goals. Whether you are a 100 year old company renovating your innovation departments or a small company building them for the first time, we'll find you a system that creates top line growth in a reliable low-risk fashion. Please get in touch with us if you're looking to hire an advisor.

About Innovators Equation

We have studied the world's 2000 largest companies over the past 10 years to uncover the Innovation Management Systems that work, and those that do not. Our research is groundbreaking in that it is the first scientific study of innovation in human organizations, and because we have found statistics behind the 27 innovation approaches shared by the highest performing companies. This set of practices makes up the Innovators Equation: a tool set that allows any company to assess it's innovation activity, discover it's probability of innovating repeatedly, map and improve it's innovation department, and build an Innovation Management System best suited to make top-line growth both reliable and repeatable.

We also believe this equation is needed to help humanity deal ever increasing challenges, and to shape our common future.

Our Leadership

Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson Board of Advisors, CHRO of the Schwans Food Company

Scott leads HR for the $3 Billion Schwan Food Company and is a nationally recognized leader in work force development, employee wellness programs & community health. Scott has been instrumental in driving targeted innovation through talent & culture over his career, and helped iEQ build our curriculum for innovation

Rob Smith

Rob Smith Board of Advisors, Innovation Leader at 3M Corporation

Rob has led innovation at 3M from many different roles including the implementation of their global eMarketing strategy, and now as a business unit leader. Rob provided the seeds for our Corporate Innovation Assessment and Mapping Tools.

Matt Brown

Matt Brown Advisor

Matt has led innovation as an SVP inside several large companies including Scholastic, Leapfrog, and others. He is also a very successful entrepreneur in the gaming and education space making him the perfect fit as our leader!

Uri Neren

Uri Neren Founder

Uri pioneered our research more than 10 years ago, and runs the Innovators International collaboration of 50 Chief Innovation Officers. In addition to studying thousands of companies, he has worked directly with hundreds of innovation leaders to help them build the most cutting edge Innovation Management Systems.

David Shillingford

David Shillingford Board of Advisors, Former SVP Verisk Analytics

David Shillingford is the President of Pegasus Analytic Innovations having previously been Senior Vice President at Verisk Analytics (NASDAQ: VRSK), which he joined in 2008 when his crime analytics company was acquired by Verisk. Over his career David has led multiple industry-wide global initiatives to solve collective problems such as stolen art, industrial equipment risk, retail loss and supply chain risk. David has built companies from the ground up and is a deep expert in the strategic and innovative use of data. David’s first career was as an airborne forward observer in the British Army.

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