About The Database

Our initiative started with a simple question from The Mayo Clinic "What are best practices in Innovation Management?" This little question proved to have a very big answer, so we started the World Database of Innovation initiative. Today, we have looked at the world's 2000 largest companies to find which innovation practices are shared by highest performing organizations. Our findings make up the "Innovation Equation", which allows companies to build an evidence-based Innovation Management System that will be their competitive edge.

While we found more than 117 distinct innovation practices, we found that the highest performing organizations share 27 in common. While we may seem like academics, we did not stop at studying but rather we implemented and backtested these Innovation Management practices at more than 100 companies.

Today, we invite you to join our crowdsourcing effort to study every single one of the largest companies in the world, to continue to build deep statistics behind what is working, and to bring these "Innovation Best Practices" to help your organization and society.

About The Database

Living and Breathing Research

Since 2007, we have studied the most innovative organizations to find the structures, belief systems, cultures, talent management, and processes that make innovation reliable. This research will continue on now and in the spirit of Wikipedia, this site crowdsourcing it from the world to find not only what has worked until now but to uncover emerging trends.

2,000 Organizations Studied So Far

We looked at the largest organizations by revenue over the past 10 years and are now striking out to gather data on the top 20,000 to deepen our stats and evidence for what is working.

27 Innovation Practices Identified

While we found more than 117 innovation practices, only 27 of these were shared by companies that repeatedly created leaps in top line growth, market or profit share, and game changers. A healthy Innovation Management System, will use some selection of these 27 practices. Our accessible research here describes them in detail.

Research Timeline

The Beginning

The Mayo Clinic asked our little startup to go find "best practices in innovation".

10 Years of Research

Worked with 300+ thought leaders and concluded that this was an enormous undertaking. Established the World Database of Innovation intiative. Studied 2000+ of the top grossing companies over 10 years.

Public Launch

For the first time, we are now offering free access to portions of the research, subscription access, our assessment, certification, and other tools.

Real-Time Insights

Today, we are striking out to deepen our data and collect and report it in real time. Our new tools will help us crowdsource data on the next 20,000 top grossing companies in the world, and allow our users to improve their Innovation Management Systems.

Services & Tools

Corporate Innovation Assessment

We built this evidence-based assessment to give companies a view of their probability of innovating on a repeated basis. In addition to this probability score, the assessment also gives a view of your company's gaps and strengths and how this is translating to your market performance.


World Database of Innovation beta

See our living breathing study of the world's 2000 largest companies and the Innovation Management approaches that our stats say are working.


My Innovation Map

After you take the assessment above, our system produces an intuitive map of your entire Innovation Management System where you can see the gaps and strengths. A powerful tool for planning and communicating with company leadership.


Education & Certifications

We put our research behind a curriculum for Innovation Management. We hold private certification courses, a Masters program, and custom courses.


Wall Street Data

Our data and evaluation method helps market analysts and fund managers understand the real evidence behind a company's "innovation premium".


Personalized Help

Need personal guidance or help building your entire Innovation Management approach? Access our cadre of certified consultants. This team has a depth of experience as Chief Innovation Officers and is trained to use our tools and help you find the Innovation System that will work for your company.


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